Services & Getting Involved

Welcome to Royal Oak Baptist’s website! Here is a brief introduction to some of the information you may need, but it definitely isn’t all there is! We welcome you to visit or get in touch for anything that you see here:

10am Sunday mornings
Our Church service starts at 10.00am every Sunday, finishing around 11:30am and we love to hang out afterwards over a cup of tea or coffee. If you have children, they can join in the service or we run a dynamic kids programme and a great crèche which you are most welcome to try.

Cnr. Erson Avenue & Symonds Street
We are located in the heart of Royal Oak, on the corner of Symonds street and Erson Ave, just a short distance from the Auckland famous Royal Oak round-a-bout. There is plenty of parking, we’re a relaxed bunch so just come as you are.

There’s plenty going on!
Aside from our Sunday service, you will see from our site that we have many midweek activities and groups as part of our life here in Royal Oak. If you would like to volunteer or take part, we would love to hear from you.