Cross Country

Cross Country is Royal Oak Baptist’s ministry to all men – whatever your age – we want you to feel included. It doesn’t matter if you are part of Royal Oak Baptist or not – Cross Country is open to any man!
There are several aspects:

One is Social activities- where men hang out and enjoy doing things like sport, outdoor stuff, or just helping people in the our community.  Recent events have included a Car Rally, Ten-pin Bowling, a Movie Night and a Games Night.

Cross Country meets for a planned event on the third Monday of the month, either for a social happening or something more challenging and meaningful. Other events happen on a more spontaneous basis, such as a group of guys attending a big rugby test, playing a game of soccer, or just helping someone who needs some blokes to lend a hand.

We also strongly encourage men to be in a ‘4 x 4’ group, which is a small group of three or four men meeting together. This is where we share confidentially on a deeper level, supporting each other in our personal, family and work situations. Whatever we do in Cross Country, we want to see men become effective followers of Jesus, becoming all that God intended them to be.