Hello, my name is Reuben.

I’m originally from a town in the UK called Redditch. In this town I went to first school (primary) and this is where I first learnt about God. They taught us about biblical stories and Jesus works, but the full impact didn’t hit me – I was still too focussed on playing with my friends to connect with God fully.

The first time I felt I was really starting to connect with God was going to Elim services with my Mum and sisters. I didn’t like the worship at first, but I soon came to like it and the sermons started to make sense after a little while.

But I would say thee first time I had a true moment with God, where you feel God just made a big statement in your life, would be my first Eastercamp. My first whole Eastercamp experience really just opened my eyes to God. It helped me realise how God had impacted my life and who he is. I would say Easter Camp is a big thing in my life and it still teaches me new things about God every year.

My first Easter Camp I decided to go to the ROBC Youth Group and that was one of the best decisions of my life. Youth Group has helped me make new friends and become a lot less shy and has also helped me to become more comfortable and confident with God. It has taught me a lot of things and helped me grow in my faith.

So the reason I wanted to be baptised and am standing here today is because after all these years of growing in faith with God, my last Easter Camp made me want to go full on for God and the Holy Spirit was telling me to really push the relationship and get baptised. So here I am. Making my declaration for God and fulfilling my commitment to go hard out for the Lord and to go further with God.